Stored Procedures

If you want to work with data that your company keeps in SQL databases, Mercury relies on stored procedures or views for data retrieval.

Your own database developer or administrator should be able to create stored procedures and views (you may be comfortable doing this yourself).  And your software reseller/VAR should have a developer on staff or on contract. These are your best choices because they will already have a good understanding of the databases in use at your site.

However, we will provide development services at a modest cost to help you get the most out of your Mercury subscription.

A few notes on stored procedures:

  • Mercury can use any stored procedure that returns a tabular result set.
  • Multiple result-sets in one stored procedure for Master/Detail reports are also supported.
  • Any other output — e.g. a return code, or an output parameter — is ignored.
  • Any number of parameters (including none) may be used. In practice, most stored procedures tend to use between zero and six parameters.

Neither direct access to SQL tables, nor the use of Table-Valued Functions, is supported at this time – you can retrieve whatever you need via stored procedures or views.  But if customers request those features, we are happy to re-evaluate.

Simple Stored Procedure

  • Requires less than 2 hours Development Time​

Advanced Stored Procedure

  • Requires 2 - 5 hours Development Time


  • Custom estimate required
  • Please contact us for an estimate
  • 212-956-7567

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