Mercury Reports for Dynamics GP

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No Report Name Description Category ReportType
1 GL Transactions Open GL Detail transactions from open years Financial Pivot
2 GL Transactions Open Hist Transactions from Open and Closed periods Financial Pivot
3 GL Transactions Summary Summary GL Transactions from Open and Closed Years Financial Pivot
4 Asset Inventory Inventory of Fixed Assets Fixed Assets Pivot
5 Asset Purchases Fixed Asset Purchases Fixed Assets Pivot
6 Asset Disposals Assets sold in selected period Fixed Assets Pivot
7 Actuals Vs Budget Consolidated Actual Vs Budget Budget Pivot
8 Consolidated 1099s 1099s from all companies Payables Table
9 Consolidated Budget Budgets Financial Pivot
10 Expenses By GL Account Expenses by Vendor and GL Account Payables Pivot
11 Expense By Vendor Expense By Vendor Payables Pivot
12 Revenue by Customer and GLAccount Analysis of Revenue Revenue Pivot
13 RM HATB Detail Receivables Historical Aged Trial Balance Detail Receivables Pivot
14 RM_HATB_Summary Receivables Historical Aged Trial Balance Summary Receivables Pivot
15 RM HATB Summary Table Receivables Historical Aged Trial Balance in Table form – High Volume and Fast Receivables Table
16 RM Aged Trial Balance As of Current Date; Faster than HATB Receivables Pivot
17 RM Current Aged Trial Balance Fastest Aged trial Balance Receivables Table
18 PM HATB Detail Payables Aged Trial Balance Detail Payables Pivot
19 CustomerTransactions Master Detail Report of Customer transactions in selected period Sales Table
20 Inventory Aging Historical Thanks to GP Essentials Inventory Pivot
21 Intercompany GL Transactions Shows Source and Destination Company Transactions Financial Table
22 AR Summary with Sparkline Demonstrate sparklines Sales Table

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