Mercury Pre-Installation Checklist

Mercury is a Windows 64-bit .NET application.  Report layouts and other metadata are kept in an Azure SQL database.  Each licensee’s Mercury database is isolated from all others.  No one else can see yours, and you can’t see anyone else’s. Note: if you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your production platform, that has its own installation process.  Mercury for Business Central is obtained through the Dynamics 365 AppSource platform. There are two types of installation: “server” (which creates Mercury’s internal database); and client (which installs the Mercury application on the PC).  A server installation also installs the client.  The server install only needs to be done once; the client must be installed on every PC.

PC and Installation Package

  • PC from which Mercury is being installed: Windows 7+ 64-bit
  • Installation package: InstallMercury.msi (downloadable from here)

Server Installation (typically 1 – 5 minutes plus client-installation time)

  • Company / organization name (as it should appear in output; also used for licensing)
  • Installing PC must also meet Client Installation requirements shown below

Server Post-Installation Task  – optionally add Mercury Users

  • From within Mercury (Tools > Admin Tools > Users), add users as needed, and (if reports already exist) grant access as needed.
    For details, see the Mercury reference documentation.

Client Installation (typically 1 – 5 minutes plus .NET, if required)

  • “.NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher (May take up to 30 minutes and/or require a reboot.) Note:Mercury will detect whether the proper .NET Framework is installed, but it’s usually easier to ensure this is done ahead of time. See
  • Windows privileges to install software on the PC
  • Encrypted database connection string that tells Mercury how to connect to your report database.  This connection string was created when the server-installation was done; it was presented in the installer-screen and was also sent via email.

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