Mercury Features

Mercury is a powerful yet easy to use report creation and analysis tool. Many features are available to help you create and deliver meaningful results.

Customization and Analysis

Rearrange results by dragging field icons. Easily show more or less detail. Add calculated fields, apply conditional formatting, filter, sort, and more. All this is done in-place by working directly with the report results.

Easy to Run

Entering report parameters is easy. You can have dynamic single and multi-select lookup lists, and use the same lookup in multiple reports. Each run is shown in its own result-tab, you can even show them side-by-side or one above another for easy comparison.

Re-use and Share

You can save your analyzed and customized report as a Favorite for subsequent re-use.  You can save parameter values too (so you don’t have to enter them again next time), but you can still easily run a Favorite layout with different parameter values. You can keep your Favorite private or share it with colleagues.  Each report can have its own set of favourites, as many as you need.

Speed and Convenience

Where software is concerned, power without speed isn’t very powerful at all.  Mercury renders your changes – rearranging, pivoting, aggregating, sorting, formatting, adding calculated fields very quickly. Fast performance makes analysis a pleasure rather than a burden.

Organize and Manage

Ever have trouble finding exactly the report you need in a sea of confusing possibilities?  Mercury lets you categorize, color-code, pin, search, filter, and more. Even your saved favorites are searchable.

Two Native Report Types

Pivot-reports offer extensive analysis features similar to Excel’s pivot tables. Table-reports are extremely fast even with data sets of 1M+ rows. Both types of reports offer in-place analysis: grouping, sorting, filtering, calculated fields, conditional formatting, and more.

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SSRS and Crystal

Run your SSRS and Crystal reports through Mercury. Preserve your investment in these platforms and still take advantage of Mercury’s friendly parameter entry, including single and multi-select lookups. All your reports are available in the same place, run the same way.

Easy Report Creation

Mercury makes it easy to create and edit reports so you don’t have to endlessly micromanage a report layout to get it the way you want it.

Reduce Dependence on IT

End-users can easily create and customize reports; IT just needs to deliver the data


Report access can be controlled at the individual user level, or by group. If a user doesn’t have access to a report, that report doesn’t even appear in the user’s list.

Export and Print

Nine export formats are available, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML.  Exports and printouts can optionally include company logos, user-information, parameter values used, and more.

...and More

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  If your feature doesn’t exist yet, perhaps we’re already working on it. Regardless, we’re happy to discuss your needs in detail. Please contact us to discuss.

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