| June 09th 4PM EST

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Days Sales Outstanding

DSO stands for Days Sales Outstanding. There are many variations of the definition. Some say it calculates how many days it takes to convert a credit sale to cash. Some say it shows the average age of your accounts receivable. Some say it is a measure of collections staff performance. Situationally, all of these definitions may be right or wrong, but in all cases, DSO is a key indicator of the health of a company’s credit sales. DSO can impact liquidity and it is a number that shouldn’t be ignored! It’s particularly useful as a big-picture view of AR and can be instrumental in forecasting cash flow and identifying risk.

Join Speakers Habib Salim, CTO Mercurybi and  Evan for our Webinar- DAYS SALES OUTSTANDING.
You’ll Discover

  • What is DSO?
  • Why is it Important in Business operations? What are the indications of high or low DSO?
  • How do you calculate it? Advantages of tracking DSO
  • What industries use/follow DSO?
  • What is the optimal value DSO for any Company?

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