System Requirements

• Windows 7 or higher; 64-bit only
• .NET Framework 4.8 or higher

Download Mercury

If you are new to Mercury, you will see a demo environment with connections to several types of sample database platforms and a dozen or pre-built reports. There are no restrictions or limitations. No credit card is required.
If you want to set up a test for use with your company’s production database(s), please contact us. 
Note: we will not need access to your databases, and you will still begin with a no-restrictions / no-credit-card trial.

EXE Setup – in addition to Mercury, this also installs the appropriate .NET version if needed.

ZIP file – in addition to Mercury, the EXE

(i) automatically installs the proper .NET version (if needed), and

(ii) optionally installs support for running Crystal reports from within Mercury (you’ll need to select this feature; it is not enabled by default).

MSI Setup –installs only Mercury; does not include .NET or Crystal reports. See Other Downloads below if you want to install .NET and /or Crystal support yourself.

Other Downloads

.NET Framework (if desired)

Crystal Reports: if you want to run Crystal Reports from within Mercury, a particular version of the Crystal runtime is needed. Download Crystal Reports for VS 64 bit


Our license is available here: EULA

Cancellation Form

You can download the Cancellation Form and email to

Try Mercury for Free

Start with a fully functional 14-day free trial.  No restrictions or limitations.