Days Sales Outstanding

If you can measure it, you can improve it. DSO – What is it? How do we calculate it? When is it useful? Definition DSO stands for Days Sales Outstanding. There are many variations of

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Reports Re-imagined

Reports are no longer the static printouts they used to be. People expect to interact with their reports, viewing various different perspectives to help form deeper understanding. How such reports are developed and delivered helps

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Mercury Reports for Dynamics GP

No Report Name Description Category ReportType 1 GL Transactions Open GL Detail transactions from open years Financial Pivot 2 GL Transactions Open Hist Transactions from Open and Closed periods Financial Pivot 3 GL Transactions Summary

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Insights

How PivotTables can reveal patterns in large volumes of data.   Anyone who deals with large volumes of data has most likely used grouping to make sense of it.  Why? Because grouping data into meaningful

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CareWorks Case Study

CareWorks Makes the Case for Using Mercury with Microsoft Dynamics GP “As a finance and accounting professional, I’ve enjoyed working with Microsoft Dynamics GP for more than 25 years. However, generating the reports I need

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A Smarter SmartList : Mercury

Mercury is the next evolution of SmartLists. It is faster and has features that you’ve always wanted even if you never knew it. Discover what Mercury can do for you. Fastest Reporting Tool on the Market

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